MOON Terms

MOON Terms

Moon is the first social business platform in the Middle East that allows individual or commercial users to display and sell products, and it also allows individuals and institutions to purchase a different set of products in addition to social media services in the platform's community. We reserve the right to offer new services and update or withdraw any services or products, at our sole discretion. - The terms of all additional policies and conditions (if any) published on the platform's website specify the terms under which we provide you with the right to access and use the platform, including our mobile application and all other services branching from it. - Once you use the Moon platform and all the services branching from it, you agree to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement. - These terms of use and legal documents are subject to change by us at any time without requiring approval from you or any third party, in the event that you continue to benefit from the services provided on the platform through registration or access to it after publishing any amendment or change in it. It means your acceptance of these terms of use after modification. References in these Terms of Use to "you" (or similar pronouns) are references to you as an individual or legal entity, as the case may be. References to the Moon platform include: the platform, the site, our services, we, the speaking group pronoun (or similar pronouns) and any of our affiliated entities or companies. The word merchant refers to either the individual who is employed or authorized by the company or the company by itself individually or collectively. The word “user” refers to the individual who uses the platform’s services to complete purchases and communicate with merchants. - Both the merchant and the user agree to abide by these site terms and abide by them as the context requires. .

- In order to use the Moon platform or any of our services, you must create a user account for your page according to the selected country (Sultanate of Oman and the Arab Gulf countries) - You are entitled to register as a user and benefit from the services by submitting a registration request to obtain a membership in the platform. You will be required to disclose specific information and choose a secret user name and password to use when entering the platform. Your registration on the platform will not be accepted if the necessary information is not provided to us. We have the right to reject any of the registration processes without giving reasons, and we also have the right to carry out the necessary checks to ensure your identity and registration requirements. Your membership application will be completed if you meet the eligibility criteria as a buyer .

You can enjoy the best management of your entire page by adding information, news and control over everything related to your private page, including: - The platform is available as an application on the Apple Store and Google Play and is also available as a website - You will enjoy through Moon the best services, as there are many features and features that make the process of your use and browsing very easy Browse information about markets and stores, including photos, videos, and bulletins. - View news and announcements related to you - Communicate with projects and institutions registered in Moon for the purpose of advertising and display requests - Use photos and videos to display news - View news across the map - Chat with merchants and users - The story feature is available on the platform through which the celebrity can communicate with his customers and share the latest updates on his page for 24 hours with the presence of the discover feature and the map feature - There is a system for comments, chat and evaluation that allows the celebrity to know the reactions of his fans - The platform links to other applications and channels through which the latest updates can be shared Celebrities can participate in the promotions and coupons offered in Moon .

When you use or access the platform and its services, you agree to the following: You are of legal age Maintain privacy, restrict access to your account and password, and notify us of any unauthorized use of your account or confidential information. Agreeing to assume responsibility in all cases for any process that takes place in the name of your account and password. - Commitment to keep your data true and correct and update it successively. - Not to disclose to others the user information provided to you, except as specified by us. Provide bank statements as needed and cooperate with us to obtain additional information regarding your eligibility. Disclosure of your current personal information and data and your use of services as specified by us. .

We take intellectual property rights very seriously. If you suspect that there is any product or offer on the Moon platform that infringes your intellectual property rights, please contact us to take immediate action from us. All content published on the platform including, but not limited to, data, texts, graphics, graphic designs, data, logos, images, audio clips, digital downloads, and software are the property of the Moon platform, and you thus grant the Moon platform and its affiliates to exercise all advertising rights on products in a non-exclusive manner in all around the world. .

According to the user agreement and the regulations in force in the Moon platform, we may resort to suspending, withdrawing or terminating your access to or using the services without prior notice, canceling the request for any of the products or removing any inappropriate content at our own discretion without incurring any responsibility or providing compensation or justifications. Without prejudice or violating other rights and as indicated by the applicable laws and regulations. .

Moon's responsibilities can be identified by: - It is just a channel of communication, where users can meet and interact with each other with the aim of selling and buying goods, and it cannot be a party to any deal and it is not obligated in any way to act on behalf of any merchant or buyer who uses the platform. - Moon follows up on all works submitted by celebrities - designers - photographers, and in the event of any action contrary to our policies, Moon has the right to cancel the use agreement without providing any justification. - Moon is not responsible for non-compliance or concluding a contract between users, nor is it responsible for transferring legal ownership of a commodity from the seller to the buyer, as the sale contract for any goods will be bilateral between the seller and the buyer and it has no right, interest or ownership in any goods. - Moon is not responsible for any unsatisfactory or late performance by any of the parties, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to unavailable goods or delayed delivery. - Moon does not play the role of mediator to resolve any dispute or problem between users, nor does it bear any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether it occurred at our responsibility or from a third party. Moon is not a supplier or manufacturer of any kind of goods that are bought or sold on the site. - Moon does not represent or guarantee users' specifications in terms of their legitimacy, credibility and identity. - Moon is not responsible for the security level of any links outside the site and we do not guarantee that they are free of viruses. You know and agree that the Moon platform is not responsible for the presence of such content on the site. - Users alone must agree among themselves on the method, terms and conditions of delivery, payment, as the Moon platform does not bear responsibility in such arrangements, but rather provides optional services for shipping and facilitating payment. - Moon platform excludes from its warranties, terms and conditions any financial losses, defamation, and any special damages arising from your misuse or inability to use the site, and it does not assume any responsibilities or claims in such cases. - You exempt the Moon platform and / or any of its officials and representatives, in relation to any claim, dispute, costs, damages, liability, and any direct loss to any party that arose out of an action by the users of the site, and you in particular waive in accordance with the laws in force for any claim In this regard. Moon will not be responsible for any service interruption, including but not limited to system malfunctions or other interruptions that may affect the receipt, processing, acceptance, completion or settlement of any request, and we do not guarantee that there will be no errors or interruptions. In services. Moon shall be exempt from taxes imposed or payable by the seller for the sale and / or supply of products. - There is no authority for the user on the platform, and there is no stipulation in this agreement to oblige Moon in any way to comply with the terms and requests of the users. .

The Moon platform combines social media service as a distinct feature in the e-commerce market and encourages all users to interact and express their opinions, including content publishing, comments and evaluation processes, which would improve the sale and purchase processes in the platform. The Moon platform is not obligated to accept all content that is sent by Some of the reasons why we can refuse to publish content are as follows: - Content that contains an offensive, pornographic, offensive, racist tone, hate language, and anything that violates the Islamic religion and public morals. - Content that is not related to the topic of the evaluation of our shared stores and brands or the evaluation of the platform. - Content that includes discrimination based on religion, race, gender, age, marital status, or physical or intellectual disability. - Any content that has connotations or references that violate the traditions of society, or call for an illegal approach. Conflict of interest: the competing brands are not allowed to put any negative comments. (Any violations in this regard could lead to the permanent removal of these marks from our platform). Comments that reflect outdated, unfrequent and misleading information. - The commenters do not represent the opinion of the Moon platform at all, the Moon platform is not responsible for any obligations, claims, or losses resulting from any of the posted comments or any of the content on the platform. - Moon's property: The content posted on the platform is the property of Moon and its ownership is exclusive forever. We have the right to reproduce, modify, translate, transmit and / or distribute all materials related to the content. Moon is not obligated in any way to pay the content owners or any person or other party for the posted content. .

Applicable Law: These Terms of Use and any related non-contractual rights or obligations shall be subject to and interpreted under the laws applicable in the Sultanate of Oman. Dispute Resolution: If you have any problems with our services please contact us and we will work hard to solve the problem facing you as soon as possible. Any disputes or disputes related to these terms of use shall be settled, including any non-contractual rights or duties related to referring them. To the competent authorities of the two parties or through the courts of the Sultanate of Oman if necessary. Partnership: Nothing in our policies indicates our commitment to contracting a partnership, cooperation or agency with any party that is not affiliated with us, including all users, but they are referred to as independent parties and they do not have the right or any authority to make any modification in our policies or any operations on behalf of Moon Also, the person who is not considered part of these terms of use does not have any right to implement any of its terms. Waiverability: All the aforementioned provisions and policies of Moon stipulate that they must be adhered to in order to achieve the benefit of all parties and that you agree not to violate any condition and not to authorize or waive it without obtaining written permission from Moon, in the event that one of the provisions does not apply legally, this will not affect in any way Of the forms on the validity of the rest of the terms and policies. Moon has the right to assign the rights and obligations of any subsidiary company at our sole discretion. The whole agreement: All the documents, conditions and clauses described hereby cancel any implicit, verbal or written agreements or declarations, whether directly or indirectly, except for what is required by the law in force in the country, and it is not permissible to make any amendment to these terms except by us. Your continued use of the services in the event of any changes occurring constitutes your agreement to be bound by the modified terms of use. Force Majeure: We are not responsible for delay, non-compliance with business, damage or loss as a result of actions beyond our control or from our reasonable will at the discretion of the parties concerned. Communication: You can contact us via customer service, either by email or contact number, or through our social media sites. Commencement and termination: These conditions begin as of the date of creating your account or signing a written contract with us, and will continue unless and until it is terminated by us or by you at our own discretion, and will remain in effect by nature after the termination or suspension of your membership. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: The terms of this platform are subject to and interpreted in accordance with the law, and disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions (including non-contractual disputes) will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Sultanate of Oman. .