MOON Policy

MOON Policy
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This policy refers to all information regarding the use of personal data that we collect or provide by users, including personal information, payment data, content posted through our website, phone application, social media platforms, or any other means, and the practices that we follow in dealing with it through various Our facilities and services. Once you submit your personal data and use our services, you agree to all that falls under this policy, and as we pay great attention to the confidentiality of the data of all our users and we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. .

- The data you provide when registering to create an account to benefit from the platform's services, whether the real name, user name, postal address, and others. Demographic and other non-personal information that you provide. Data collected when inquiring about a specific service or requesting assistance through customer service. Data provided on the computer, browser, and other related information. Any other data that we require to improve the user experience. .

We collect information through various methods, whether through the website when creating an account, making purchases, using social media, or when registering with our newsletter or blog, or by contacting you with customer service and other means. We store this information and analyze it either by our own team in the Sultanate of Oman or any of the subsidiaries or contracted with us for this purpose inside or outside the Sultanate. .

We may use the information to: Providing you with the required information on products, registered trademarks and exclusive offers that we see fit your interest after your approval. - Send the latest news via blog or newsletter and respond to your inquiries and comments. Complete your purchase and everything related to the use of our services. For the purposes of improving the usage experience and providing more specialized services. Notify you of any modifications or changes in the platform's policies. - For any other reason we deem important at our sole discretion. .

We pay great attention to users' data, as we keep all data related to our users in accordance with systemic measures and electronic technologies to protect against attacks, as no one can access your personal data except for authorized employees, affiliates and everyone authorized by Moon for the purpose of completing their work, but we cannot guarantee the completion of any data transfer. On the Internet or a completely safe data storage system, so it is very important to protect your personal information by ensuring the confidentiality of the username and password. You bear full responsibility for protecting your information, in the event of any breach, you can change the password or notify us immediately of any unsafe activity . We only allow the sharing of a minimum amount of data for our affiliates or partners who follow a protection system similar to us, as in the following cases: - We may provide organizations as a third party to carry out their duties, such as shipping and delivery companies or marketing and research companies, and we are careful not to use this data for any other purposes. - Conducting promotional offers and advertisements that improve the user experience through various means to provide you with information about your favorite products. We may provide some brands with information about the target audience to benefit from promotional offers for the products you prefer. - All data that we collect or provide us with is considered an asset of Moon, so we have the right to dispose of it for legal purposes, including the acquisition of the platform by a company or the use of information from one of our subsidiaries. Providing the legal authorities and government institutions in the country with information and data according to the laws and regulations, especially in fraud crimes and as required by the public interest. We are not responsible for any privacy policy published in the accounts or stores of companies or the marks registered on the platform. .

- You can access your account and amend your personal data at any time with a commitment to provide us with correct and current information. - You can amend the latest purchase orders or payment procedures or what is related to receiving marketing messages via e-mail, but we may send some administrative messages from time to time. - We will respond to your requests to amend or cancel your data as soon as possible, but we have the right to retain some data even after canceling your account and terminating the use of the services of the platform. - Please note that we are not responsible for any information that you provide to a third party and therefore we do not have control and we are not responsible for any third party's use of this information that you have provided, and this policy is not subject to any third party outside the scope of the platform. .

From time to time, we may make some amendments to the privacy policy related to us, and we will publish it on the site, and you may be notified of the latest updates, but as soon as you continue to use the services of the platform, you agree to all policies, including the privacy policy related to Moon. .

Moon allows the use of cookies to collect data about website visitors and thus display marketing activities at specific times to provide appropriate content to users and provide a better shopping service. This may include, but not limited to, displaying our own ads or third-party ads on the networks of the used search engines and some sites and browsers. Carefully selected internet. We at Moon respect your privacy and are committed to giving you the right to choose such ads, and you can control that by setting your preferences. .

If you have any questions regarding our policies, contact us: - We will answer them and take necessary action. .