MOON faq Category

MOON faq Category
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- What is the moon? - What is Moon doing? - Why should I enroll in Moon? - What countries does Moon services operate in? - How do I contact Moon? - What services does Moon provide? - What does a social business platform mean? .

-How can I create an account to become a user (seller or buyer) with Moon? -How can I access the account in case I forgot the password for my Moon account? -Why do I have to enter my email address to log in? -How can I change the password for my account? -How do I cancel my account? -Will my account be canceled if it is not used for a long time? -What are the account creation fees? .

-I want to start selling my products on Moon, what should I do? -How do I register as a seller? -How do I create a store on Moon? -What is the registration fee as a seller in Moon? -Can I sell as an individual and not as a company? -How is my performance as a seller evaluated? -What kind of products are allowed to be sold on Moon? -What kind of products are not allowed to be sold on Moon? -How can I find the product-brand I need on Moon? -How do I use the online store on Moon? -My online store account is not activated, what is the reason? Or why don't my products appear on the site? -How does the buying and selling process work in Moon? -How do I get shipping, delivery and storage services through Moon's subsidiaries? -Are the prices in Moon stores negotiable? -Why do I see different prices for the same product in different stores on Moon? -How do I know if purchasing a product has a warranty? -What can I do in case the warranty terms in Moon stores differ from those mentioned on the trademark website? .

-How can I display content for my products on the store? -How do I post content to my page? -What content is permitted and not allowed to be published? -What information is needed to add products? -How can Moon help me to promote my products through content? -How do I use the social media service effectively? .

-How do I order a product from Moon stores? -How do I know if my order has been confirmed? -What do I do in the event that I transfer the paid amount successfully, but I did not receive the order confirmation message? -How do I follow the status of the order? -How do I cancel an order? -My order has been delayed, what should I do? -Why is it difficult to add more products in the shopping cart? -What should I do if the order is confirmed and has not been delivered for a long time? -How long is it available to fulfill the request? .

-What are the establishments registered with Moon Shipping and how can they help me for shipping? -How can I ship my orders from Moon stores? -Are processing fees calculated based on the number of products or orders? .

-How can I confirm my bank account information? -How can I track my payments on the online store? -What are the payment options available at Moon? -What is the Cash on Delivery (COD) feature? -How can I pay with credit cards? -What should I do when I can't see a payment option while completing the purchase? -How to pay, whether through the Moon mobile app or through the Moon website? -Are there any expenses that do not appear, such as sales tax, for example, when buying from Moon stores? -Why was my credit card declined? -Does Moon provide installment service? -What currency does the moon accept? -What is the 3D Traffic Number? .

-What products can I return? -What are the conditions for returning products? -How can I return my order? -When can I get my money back? -How do I track the product return process? -Will I recover the delivery charges when returning the order? -Should I pay the delivery fee when returning an item? -Do I have to return all the products in the order? -What should I do if the funds are not refunded to the credit card? -What should I do if the value of the order is not refunded to my bank account? -What do I do if I want to exchange an order and it is not available or completely sold out? .

-What are the tools that I can use to increase my sales on Moon? -How does Moon help me increase sales? -Can the customer rate the product and write a comment about it? Why is this important? -How do I join Moon's ad campaigns? .